Japanese Plus Students – Inu Class

Globalize DC is excited to kick of the 2018-19 school year with a new group of enthusiastic students just beginning their Japanese Plus journey. These 20 students represent 10 different DCPS and DC public charter high schools. Because the class was born in the Year of the Dog (Inu), we refer to this class as JP1-INU.

Learn about the JP-Inu students on their personal pages:

Jazmin Angel-Guzman (continued to level 2)
Luis Angel Avelar Turcios
Alayshia Beach
Lucca Bey (continued to level 2)
Elena Encarnacion
Raven Ford
Maria Garcia
Aeris Golden-Thompson (continued to level 2)
Theo Grieff (continued to level 2)
Cyrus Johnson (continued to level 2)
Asa Marshall (continued to level 2)
Arjernae Miller
Gabriel Mogzec
Katie Nguyen (continued to level 2)
Kenny Nguyen (continued to level 2)
Jonah Nguyen-Conyers (continued to level 2)
Angel Njoku
Chetachukwu Obiwuma
Yenifer Quintanilla
Carlos Daniel Ramirez Hernandez