What Japan Means to Me

By Jasmine Alarcon (Japanese at CHEC)

There are not enough words to describe my time in Japan, but if I had to choose I would say that it was an incredible, wonderful, new experience that I will always cherish. From the food to the culture to staying with my host family to sightseeing and shopping, there was never one moment where I thought to myself that I would rather be in America.

The most meaningful part to me of this trip was the stay with the host family, because even though there was a big language barrier I really appreciated the fact how my host parents still tried to communicate and bond with me. I enjoyed how my host mom took my roommate and me to try on kimonos and have a small tea ceremony with sakura tea, because I know how this is a big part of Japanese culture. Also, the most informative part of the trip was when we were greeted with information about the history  of Japan and what Japan stands for. I love the whole idea behind peace that Japan has that I never have felt unsafe during my stay there. This trip made me realize how America isn’t the greatest place to live in as everyone says it is. There are other places in the world that go unrecognized and Japan is one of them. Many people should know about Japan and they will most likely want to live there too.

Overall, everyone in Japan was so kind and respectful, that not once did I feel unwelcomed. There’s so much to learn in Japan. I only wish that the trip could’ve been longer but from my short time there, I can truly say with no doubt in my heart that I will return to Japan.