Japanese Plus Students – Saru Class

These fantastic Japanese Plus students, representing eight DC public high schools from across the city (both DCPS and DC charter) completed our pilot year Japanese Plus program in SY2016-17. Because they were “born” as Japanese Plus students in the Year of the Monkey (Saru), we refer to this as the Saru class.

Congratulations to our inaugural class!!

In SY2017-18, ten of these students continued their study of Japanese language and culture in Japanese Plus Level 2. Six competed in the 2018 Japan Bowl, sponsored by the Japan America Society of Washington, DC. Three students were able to continue to Level 3. They are truly dedicated!

A’mee Barnes
Raven Bluford (continued to level 2)
Shawma Brown
Charity Chukwu (continued to level 3)
Skyy Genies (continued to level 2)
Nuu Hightower
Jeffrey Jenkins (continued to level 2)
Jenny Jimenez
Tara Martin (continued to level 3)
Dakharai Murray
Ana Nguyen
Chidera Obiwuma (continued to level 2)
Chi Onyeka (continued to level 3)
Kharan Pierce
Daniel Ruiz (continued to level 2)
Bryson Torgovitsky (continued to level 2)
Rakiya Washington (continued to level 2)
Anastasia Wass