Chi Onyeka


Name: Chi Onyeka

School: Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Grade: 10

Zodiac sign: Scorpio/ Year of the Snake


There are many things I like to do on my free time. The most unexpected for most people is the fact that I like to eat–a lot. People think I don’t eat much because of my size but that’s definitely not true. When I’m not being lazy, I like to hang out with friends, draw, and do productive things, like research that intrigues me or has been bugging me for a while. On the contrary, when I am being lazy, it’s too the extreme where I lay in bed all day, just watching YouTube videos, animes, and keeping up with my friends on social media. When I’m in school, aside from work, I usually just talk with friends and play badminton in the gym. I also play tennis to try and keep myself in shape.

Personal Statement:

I grew up in America with not too much exposure to diversity because my neighborhood was mostly African-American with a few Hispanics here and there, similar to my school. My personality was (and still is) on the weird side of things so I didn’t have many friends outside of family. However, my cousin in Maryland went to a pretty diverse school and had a friend who showed him anime and he was so fascinated he showed his little brother and me. Ever since then, I was hooked…mostly onto the same anime though. It was in the 7th grade that I started to discover other animes and started my love for the Japanese. Then, in the 9th grade, I made a goal for myself to be able to watch anime without subtitles and proceeded to teach myself Japanese. Once I started to get into the language I started to indulge myself into the culture, learning the do’s and the don’ts for when I could possibly go to Japan. One day in class, my friend and I were on the computer and she checked her email and found an advertisement for a Japanese program called Japanese Plus and I applied right away. Finding out I was accepted into the program made me really happy and I was excited for the future to come in the class. Now, I’m able to learn and practice Japanese with my peers along with freshen up on the Japanese I already learned with the teacher. I am very grateful for this class because now I have people to practice with and not just writing things down on paper and looking it over.

Social Media:

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