We’re so excited to be finally resuming our Japanese Plus program in SY2022-23, after a long COVID-imposed hiatus. This September we are busily rebuilding our wonderful community of individual and organizational supporters who so generously contribute their time, expertise, ideas, connections, and personal stories that help make Japanese Plus the “real world” experience we intend it to be for our students.

There are many ways you can support our Japan programs benefiting DC students. Here are some ideas – but feel free to suggest any ideas of your own.

Our Most Immediate Needs as of 9/1/2022:

  • Help in locating free, metro-accessible classroom space for Saturdays (10am-1pm) throughout the school year. Must accommodate up to 25 people and have internet access.
  • Help with our student recruitment efforts (September 1-15). Please circulate Japanese Plus application information to any eligible DC public high school students and within any relevant personal and professional networks.
  • Help with simple graphic design to enhance our social media posts and other items.

Planning and Networking

  • Join our Advisory Group: to help with planning, fundraising, networking, and working towards building sustainable and effective Japan programs
  • Join our Partner Network: for organizations, corporations, and other institutions

Support for our Japan Programs and Students

Here are some ways to directly engage with our students – either one time or long-term. Our Japanese Plus program will meet online Weds (4:30-6:30 pm) and in person on Sats (10 am–1 pm). We’ll also organize additional excursions and meetings at other times. We’re interested in any of the following help:

  • Language support (for Japanese language speakers): conversation partners, tutors, classroom assistants
  • Classroom Speakers/Career Panels/Workshops
  • Field Trips/Workplace Visits
  • Special events outside the classroom
  • Chaperones, volunteers to help with field trips and special programs
  • Authentic student exchanges and social activities with Japanese or Japanese heritage students – and adults
  • Japan and Japanese-related opportunities open to our students as individuals or a group (events, contests, programs, workshops, films, trips, etc.)
  • Help with planning a student trip to Japan

Behind-the-Scenes Help

  • Meeting or event space for various purposes
  • Small gifts and incentives to help motivate students
  • Donation of snacks for our regular meetings
  • Sponsor an event, workshop, bus ride, restaurant visit
  • Website support (help with adding content)
  • Social Media (help with a newsletter, twitter, instagram, etc – with the kids and without)
  • Graphic Design (help with a brochure, flyers, T-shirts)
  • Fundraising

Globalize DC

If you’re interested in the larger mission and work of our nonprofit organization, Globalize DC, we can use your help! Refer to www.globalizedc.org for further information.

To discuss how you might volunteer, simply email Sally Schwartz at sally@globalizedc.org. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you.