Globalize DC

Japanese Plus is a program of Globalize DC, a DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to global education and language learning for DC public school students.

DC is a global city. We believe that DC, taking full advantage of the city’s unique resources, can and should become a national model for equipping its young people with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete and participate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

Globalize DC began its Japan work in 2013 with the launch of the TOMODACHI US-Japan Youth Exchange Program, a two-way cultural exchange between DC and Japanese high school students, created in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. This is a fully-funded six week summer program that includes a visit to Japan, focused on Tokyo and the Tohoku region devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. For more details, check out our TOMODACHI USJYEP website, with a wonderful student blog, at

At present, no DC public school – either DCPS or charter – offers Japanese as part of its world language offerings. In the 2016-17 school year, Globalize DC decided to launch its own Japanese Plus program in order to provide students with a serious interest in Japan the opportunity to pursue their passion through study of Japanese language and culture, as well as exposure to related college and career opportunities. We also want to test a new afterschool model for delivery of high quality instruction and enrichment for DC public school students.

To learn more about Globalize DC, go to our website at