Globalize DC

Japanese Plus is a program of Globalize DC, a DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to global education, language learning, and study abroad for DC public school students.

DC is a global city. We believe that DC, taking full advantage of the city’s unique resources, can and should become a national model for equipping its young people with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete and participate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

 Our work focuses on:

1. Serving as an information clearinghouse on free and almost free opportunities available to DC public school students, educators, and schools.

2. Supporting strategic initiatives that promote intentional, systemic, and equitable global education and language learning in DC public K-12 education. We are particularly focused on addressing issues of access and equity, and in moving beyond the “one off” opportunity to building pipelines for students to college and career.

3. Working in strategic collaboration with partner organizations to bridge the divide between our city’s wealth of global assets and our local young people.

4. Creating innovative programs for students and educators – always working with our partners – where a specific unmet need or identifiable challenge exists.

To learn more about Globalize DC, go to our website at