Japanese Tamago Summer Program

Have fun with us this summer!!!

Globalize DC is very pleased to announce its new exploratory summer 2021 Japanese language, culture, and career exposure program for DC public school students. Thanks to funding from the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, for the first time we are offering a program for middle school age students – for current 7th, 8th, and 9th graders – enrolled in either DCPS or DC charter schools. The program will be offered at no cost to participants. We are particularly interested in reaching students who live or go to school in Ward 5, 7, or 8, so please help us share the word about this new online summer opportunity.

We will offer two (2) different programs this summer – each offered twice (Session 1 and Session 2). Each program will last one week, consisting of five 2-hour meetings (Monday-Friday, 4-6 pm) for a total of 10 hours. Students can apply for one or both programs. These are online interactive programs, so students will be expected to have their cameras and audio ready and in working order.

Program A. “Itadakimasu: Cool Japanese Food”

Session 1: June 28-July 2
Session 2: July 12-16

Ramen, sushi, tempura, mochi . . . . Did you know these foods are from Japan? Let’s explore Japanese food culture and learn how to say your favorite foods and what you ate for lunch in Japanese. Students will also learn how to introduce themselves and offer greetings, how to count and use money, and how to say colors in Japanese. We’ll also discuss why the Japanese diet is considered so healthy, and of course, we’ll take time to practice eating with chopsticks!

Program B. “A Day in the Life of Japanese Teens”

Session 1: July 5-9
Session 2: July 19-23

What is it like going to school in Japan? What subjects do students learn? What school events and afterschool activities do students enjoy? We’ll learn about Japanese school life and culture – and the interesting ways they differ from schools in the US. And we’ll also discuss what teens might do and experience outside of school time and compare this to life for youth in DC, including transportation, home life, and music. And we’ll learn how to talk about all this through simple conversations in Japanese.

Students may apply for Program A only, Program B only, or both A and B. Programs don’t need to be taken sequentially (in other words, B can be taken before A and they don’t need to be taken within the same Session).

To apply, fill out the Student Application Form HERE.

The priority deadline to apply is June 4, 2021. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, so don’t wait to submit your application. Space is limited.

Any questions? Contact Sally at sally@globalizedc.org.