Ana Nguyen

img_5900Name: Ana Thi Nguyen

School: Capital City Public Charter School

Grade: 12

Zodiac sign: Gemini ♊/Year of the Rabbit


My hobbies include reading, drawing, sleeping but mainly being a full time nerd. I love to draw and read in my free time. I know right, sounds exciting. I can sit down for hours immersed in a book or drawing till I forget to blink. Which has happened often. Always blink constantly or any source of light will burn your eyes; lesson learned. My greatest accomplishment as a book nerd is reading a five hundred-page book in one sitting. With snacks. I love to draw silly, derpy characters or short comics which stems from my interests in graphic novels and manga. Aside from drawing cartoons, I just love art in general. It could be water colors, markers, ink, painting glitter on a chair, or gluing a chair to the ceiling (which I’m planning to do in installation art hopefully). I just love art.

Personal Statement:

I joined Japanese Plus to learn a new language and to broaden my knowledge on other cultures, beyond the ones taught at school. I also wanted to challenge myself by learning a language that wasn’t close to English, to see how much effort/time I would need to put into it in the future. I got into Japanese culture from mythology and my World History teacher who taught English in Japan. He taught us Buddhism through a manga called “Buddha” by Osamu Tezuka. From there I dove deeper into manga, anime, Japanese myths and art. I became fascinated by similarities between Japan and Vietnam and also how different it was from the U.S. Cultural differences between countries are so fascinating like how Japan has many levels of honorifics to our equivalent Mr./Ms. in the U.S. In Vietnam there are two different words to address grandparents to know which side of the family you’re referring to. I love learning small things like this about different cultures. My goal through this program and into the future is to be able to read Japanese novels, I love reading and I’m curious how older Japanese texts/plays compare to the U.S. I’m enjoying the experience with Japanese Plus, I never knew learning a language could be so much fun. I enjoy coming to every class and the homework is rarely a bore and I feel fully engaged in the class all the time.