Daniel Ruiz

daniel-ruizSchool: Capital City Public Charter School

Grade: 11

Zodiac Sign: Taurus/Year of the Dragon


I like to play video games, cook, and research random stuff based on technology, space, and weapons. I participate in my school’s Open Studio (Art) and Band. I am a fast learner, can draw somewhat, and have good public speaking skills.  I was introduced to the Japanese language through my anime hobby.

One of the many things that I like to do is research new and interesting technologies. It is especially fun when I think about real world applications with the knowledge of cool tech. It sometimes helps make convenient stuff for life in general. Maybe contradictory to my primary interest, I am also a bit of a nature guy. I enjoy spending time in nature, and its peaceful natural state. It is not something that can be easily described with words – it has an otherworldly feeling, and it calls to me.

Personal Statement:

I take massive interest in the futuristic environment of the Tokyo area – the way that technology has become integrated into many aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. The amazingly speedy Shinkansen trains to even fancy toilets! All this tech everywhere is a haven for a nerd like me. Specifically, however, I am concentrating my focus on space exploration. I want to go to space myself, but first we must develop methods of self-efficiency to be able to colonize other planets. I heard that Japan has its own space agency, and so the idea of techy Japanese cities with interest in space attracted me. I have already set my life goal to space travel, and to live in Japan without too much trouble. It is much easier to learn another language while I’m still young, so I decided to join the Japanese + class to begin my studies. My ultimate goal is to go to Mars, and so I must become fluent in Japanese and help innovate our worlds.