Maria Garcia

School: McKinley Technology High School

Grade: 12

Zodiac Sign: Pisces/Year of the Snake 

About Me:

I am a strong and determined person but I’m also kind of shy. I have one younger brother, my twin sister (she’s older), my mother, and stepfather (who I refer to as my father). I am 17 and up for new adventures. Everyday is a new day and I believe that if you put your mind to something you can do anything. I’m a go-getter and a leader because I “say what I mean, and I mean what I say,” as my mentor Mr. Steve always reminds me.  My plans after high school would be to take a gap year and I am working on a couple of programs, primarily in Asia. I love the Asian culture and have grown up with many of its value. I’m atheist, but open to what others believe in, and never judge because it would be rude. Rather I try to understand why others believe in religion. My favorite colors are pink and black. I also like ramen and hamburgers because they are delicious. Making new friends is kind of hard, but I try to find my place and slowly make friends. It’s kind of a slow process simply because I want to truly be able to trust my friends and go out sometimes. I love being an active member in my community and try to help people of all ages. Currently I am learning to take the position of being leader and I think my best friend has many good points that come natural to him. Leadership is a hard job but if I were to talk more (which I am starting to do very often), becoming a leader would be so much easier and so far it has been easy and being second nature. I’m open to new things and ready for what the day has to offer me. I make scrapbooks that I keep as collections for my memories in hopes to share with my children someday, since my family has seen them many times.

Personal Statement:

I am highly motivated for taking the Japanese 1 Class this year because it is a dream come true. I wanted to do this my sophomore year in High School but could not at the time because I was too busy. This year I am coming in motivated and not as busy. I love the Asian Culture and will live in Asia later in life. This is because as a descendant of travels, I am finding my place in the world. I believe that the Asian Culture has everything I need for my emotional care. Primarily I want to go to Japan and live there and continue my studies in international business. This class would help me be one step ahead into that dream and soon my dream will become a reality. This is because a goal is not a goal unless you have a plan and stick to it so that everything happens and goes out as planned. In this class I would be able to learn Japanese and it would also help me better communicate with my host mother and father. My host mother and father were the best part of my KAKEHASHI journey to Japan, because they taught me their customs, food, home, and traditional clothing. I have kept in touch with them but the English to Japanese barriers still exist, and I want to make it as comfortable for my host parents as they have made it for me. Someday I will go back to Japan and take them out to eat and tell them of all my adventures around the world and what I did after I left them. I would love to go back when I get older and bring them to Washington, DC, and offer them the same hospitality they did for me. Leaving them was hard, but knowing that I would return only motivated me to try harder to speak the language, but without guidance I have fallen short. I hope this class can help me get better because I know it will. Since I will try my best and not take this opportunity for granted. Personally, I have never liked lazy people but having to work with them is a challenging factor that enables me to grow as a person. I have learned to work with people who do not like to work and get them moving. I will study and try to make Japanese as a second language incorporating it into my real life. My dedication to this class would help me speak to friends and family overseas. I cannot wait until I can read, write, and speak the language. I will push for this class and learning. My parents and teachers all want me to take this class and give it my all, so I can’t fail them and won’t because I will try my very best.