Katie Nguyen

School: Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Grade: 10

Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Year of the Goat/Lamb


There are not many things I’m interested in but I’m mostly interested in playing online games like Paladins or League of Legends. I really like sleeping, but don’t really do much of it since there’s homework and other things. I also like watching anime and videos on Youtube. I also like hanging out with friends after school or on weekends. If I’m not doing anything, then I’d listen to music like covers on Youtube or j-pop.

Personal Statement:

I was born in America, but I am from Vietnam. During elementary school there wasn’t a lot of Asians and some kids assumed I was Chinese, but other than that everything was fine. I even visited the rest of my family in Vietnam during 2nd grade. I would always play with my siblings in online games like Animal Jam or Fantage. In middle school I made a few friends, I was really shy at the time, so most people would come to talk to me. I got really interested in anime when it was getting popular, during 7th grade, so I started to take interest in it and continued watching many shows. I’ve also listen to many songs that were in Japanese and some that were converted to English. The songs I listened to were really catchy or really heart-warming. In 9th grade, when I heard about Japanese Plus, I was really excited and saw many posts about it and got even more excited. I saw this as a great opportunity to learn more about Japan and its culture and language. But during summer break something changed in me which brought me to the point where I didn’t want to do anything anymore and I started to cry for no reason. After summer break was over, I still started to cry, even in school. After talking with my friends about it, they really supported me and helped me become like myself again. So when I heard I got accepted to Japanese Plus, I was really happy and thought this could be an opportunity to learn Japanese and make new friends. Now I am still really interested in anime and music, I am still really shy and anxious around people, and can be really quiet sometimes.