Gabe Mogzec

School: Woodrow Wilson

Grade: 10th

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius/Year of the Goat


During my free time I usually spend time with my family or friends. When I’m with my family, this can consist of many things, one of my favorites being watching movies, whether it’s going to the theater, or a DVD that we’ve owned for years, I can never go wrong with enjoying a movie with my family. My favorite movie would probably have to be Shawshank Redemption or Silence Of The Lambs. I also enjoy playing video games with my friends. It’s one of the ways we can still connect even when some of us go to different schools.

Academic/Career Interests:

After high school I first want to go to college. Though I’m not sure yet on what I want to study, I know for a fact that I want to try to do something in a science field. I haven’t planned that far ahead, but I might want to get a Masters depending on what I study, since it can sometimes give more opportunity for your career.

Personal Statement:

I’ve always had an interest in Japanese history and culture for as long as I remember. Whenever we study Japan in history, it almost always ends up as my favorite unit of that class. I have also enjoyed learning about the culture when given the opportunity. It’s interesting learning about a culture very different than ours. When one of my neighbors told me about the program, Japanese Plus, I knew that I would have to apply for an opportunity like this. To be able to learn Japanese and learn about the culture is an opportunity that I’m ecstatic to be able to take.