Cyrus Johnson

School: BASIS DC

Grade: 11th

Zodiac: Year of the Horse


I like to play video games, draw, watch anime, and read manga. I also enjoy making video games.

Academic/Career Interests:

I enjoyed taking computer science at school, and I’d like to keep coding. Other than that, I want to go into graphic design, game design, or animation. I was greatly influenced by anime, manga, and Japanese games to draw and make games.

Personal Statement:

I’ve been interested in Japan ever since I learned about manga. I’ve been reading manga for a long time, when I started reading Beet the Vandel Buster, which got me into anime. Before then, I’ve been playing Japanese Role-Playing Games, which got me into wanting to make and play more games, and maybe work for Nintendo. I started wanting to learn Japanese so I could play region locked games, read untranslated manga, and watch unsubbed anime.

Social Media:

Instagram (It’s just drawings and photos.): @kuroikarasu6