Jonah Nguyen-Conyers

School: DC International school

Grade: 11

Zodiac Sign: noob


I am very interested in people and their stories. I love showing love and affection, and meeting new people is fun. I try to understand everyone and make the people around me smile as often as I can. I stay happy by drawing, I think it’s very therapeutic and helps me develop a more imaginative side of myself. Having a healthy mental state is one of the more important things to me. I like to hang out with my friends, be happy together, and make great memories. I have many Asian cultures I am involved in, being Vietnamese, Chinese, and then Japanese, and a lot of the time when I am browsing the internet, I will try to study more of the political issues of those countries, as many of the things I get exposed to relating to these countries are often positive, and not of the darker side.


What I see in the future of my education would be attending college after high school, studying something to do with English education. I say English education due to the fact I that I am a native English speaker and wish to teach others around the world English, along the way improving the language I will be studying. Possible places I could be working in after college would be Japan or China, as I will have a great understanding of their culture and language by the time I finish college. At the moment I don’t know what I am interested in as a career beside that option, but I am hoping to do more outside of the realm of education later in my life.

Personal Statement:

I am half Vietnamese and half black. I have grown up in DC for the entirety of my life. I feel DC has a lot of opportunities that helped me find and develop my passions, like the love for foreign service. I was in the first class of Yu Ying PCS, a Chinese immersion school. Graduating from Yu Ying and going to DCI I have been able to start young with the study of unique cultures and languages, and be able to foster those learnings into something greater. I think I realized I like Japanese culture through anime when I was in elementary school, but today I don’t watch as much anime anymore. I focus on my academics and my interests that can provide a better future for myself. Still in love with the Japanese culture and language, I want to take part in this class to develop a deeper love and understanding of this culture and language. I am hoping for a career in the foreign service, using my language and cultural understanding to intertwine myself into the culture of any country I live in.