Arjernae Miller

Name: Arjernae Miller

Grade: 12

School: Phelps ACE High School

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Interests/Activities: I enjoy photography, music as well as writing and reading.

Academic/Career Interests: Global Studies, Architecture, Art and Film

Personal Statement:

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and read a book. A year or so ago I couldn’t put one down to save my life yet here I am, saving my life metaphorically. I say this so my readers know that doing that was the worst mistake of my life. Especially when I live to write my story, create intense chapters and compel those reading to turn my page with excitement. My name is Arjernae, most people call me AJ. I welcome everyone to refer to me as AJ, even those who have only seen my face twice. Why? Well because people have extreme trouble pronouncing my name. It’s so normal that even I have begun to do so, hilarious right?

I was born and raised in Washington DC along with my 5 other siblings. A perfect amount ironically, 3 girls and 3 boys is a perfect number when you’re up at night having a nerf war. Everyday is really like a family reunion. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to us. I can tell you now that the chapters on what it was like growing up with my siblings is always an intense one that will keep you guessing and questioning everything in life. I would know, I’m questioning every time my 8-year old sister decides to show me yet another Youtube video of someone else’s life.

In a crowd of individuals I am either considered to be the comical relief in every awkward situation or the one who speaks about the elephant in the room. I can be someone who defies the defiable only for the greater good and leaves an open book for criticism. I consider myself to be a connector, giving information to those who may need it, especially if it’s a must need.

I have always been interested in exploring other cultures around the world, and although DC is “tourist central,” it never has fulfilled the hunger for more within me that I must feed. I would love to have a chapter in my book of all the places and things I’ve experienced. I don’t want Japan to be my last stop. I thank the TOMODACHI study abroad program which gave me a taste of life outside of DC. The program made me have a longing interest for Japanese language and way of living, and as a result I did decide to take up learning the language because it just may benefit my future. One day I do hope to become fluent in Japanese, just so I am able to revisit the country, even if it is to help out the Tohoku regions hit by the disaster of 2011. Then after Japanese life will come the rest of the world, one country at a time, because even New York is different from the rest of America.

That will only be the beginning of a really big Harry Potter-like series.