Raven Ford

School: Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Grade: 11

Zodiac Sign: Virgo/Year of the Horse


In my free time I like to do a lot of  things. I love to read just about anything if I find it interesting. I love to read fantasy books, non-fiction, realistic fiction, graphic novels, mystery, and horror. When I’m not reading, I like to write. When I write, I like to write poetry or short stories to vent or just for fun. When I am not writing, I am watching tv shows on netflix or I am sleeping. I love to sleep, I think the reason I love to sleep is because during the week I don’t get a lot due to homework. I also love to collect pens, I think that if pens are aesthetically pleasing, then I will buy them or if I see that they write very nice, then I will add them to my collection of pens. I’m weird like that


In the future I, of course, plan on going to college, hopefully somewhere in the north, like Northern California. In college I either want to go to become a surgeon, psychologist, or a lawyer. I really love psychology and learning about the brain and eventually conduct tests to discover mental illnesses that no one knows about or find cures for the mental illnesses already known. Being a lawyer is another passion for me, because I would be able to fight the injustice in the courts for African Americans who are in jail longer than necessary for the same crimes white Americans make. I wouldn’t mind being a surgeon, but I am really bad at math, but I will still try because I would love to save someone’s life but I also am scared that they might die and I don’t want that on my hands nor do I want to have to talk to that person’s loved ones .

Personal Statement:

I lived in America all of my life and I grew up in a heavily African American neighborhood. Even though my parents had different types of ethnic friends, I still grew up in the dark about everything. My dad always watched anime when I was younger. I never really paid attention to it because, like all children, my attention span was zero. When I got to seventh grade I learned more about the world in general. My friend introduced me into an anime named Vampire Knight and I automatically fell in love with it. The art style and just everything about it. So I did research on Japanese culture, started listening to Japanese groups, and started watching J-Dramas. Japanese Plus is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, because now instead of teaching myself, I get to learn from an actual teacher.