Asa Marshall

School: Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Grade: 10

Nicknames: Ace or Monet’

Zodiac Sign/Year: Aquarius/Year of the Horse


I really enjoy leisurely activities such as reading and writing. I also enjoy eating and it is something I am extremely passionate about and I hope to one day travel the world just to eat. I also enjoy researching current topics and surprisingly, doing homework. I also find a connection with politics and how it works. I enjoy just living in the moment and sharing laughs and ideas with friends and staying happy.

Goals/Career Aspirations:

I am not sure what I want to be yet, but I want to go to Howard University or any college in the DMV area and work for my PhD in the field of my choice. I am currently juggling whether I want to be a Physicist, Engineer, or a Computer Scientist. I hope to be quite successful and travel a lot and being a well-rounded worker. I have many strengths and interests so whatever I decide to become, I will always work to do my best in everything I do.

Personal Statement:

I strive to learn and be well rounded and open to others and their differences or similarities with me. I was excited to hear back from Sally that I was accepted into the Japanese Plus program because I never wanted to join a club so much. I worried about the scheduling but, I didn’t worry about it too much because I knew that if I stay devoted and continue to gain more knowledge about the world around me. This opportunity will be a major step in gaining self-confidence and giving me memories to last a lifetime.

Social Media: Don’t have any (Trying to maintain a healthy digital footprint!)