The Sakura Matsuri Experience

By Jenny Jimenez

On April 8, 2017, our Japanese class participated in the annual Sakura Matsuri, a Japanese street festival here in Washington D.C. We had our booth and we shared aspects of our classroom, as well as educating children (and some adults too) about Japanese culture. We each took shifts throughout the day, and after my shift was done I was eager to go explore the festival.

Bryson, Chi, Dakharai and I went around the festival and learned about Japan, like food, culture, and music. Bryson and I were so excited to see the anime booth because we both enjoy watching anime! We went to all types of booths, some for anime, others relating to food, but most of them were about Japanese culture. Personally, my favorite booth was the anime one because we got to see the collector’s items of our favorite anime, and I also enjoyed the clothing that was being sold. In my opinion, Japanese clothing is very unique; a lot of the fashion could be categorized as cute, so when there was the opportunity to wear a kimono, I took it! Earlier this year I discussed kimonos and yukatas in a previous blog post,  but wearing a kimono during the festival was so much fun! The booth that was arranging this allowed people to wear the kimono for a little bit and walk around.

Overall, it was a spectacular day and I hope we get more opportunities to go to festivals like this as a class. It was a great opportunity to learn about other programs in our area as well as having a chance to be a weeaboo for a little bit!

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