By Skyy Genies

On April 1, 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Ramen Restaurant in Adams Morgan, Washington,DC. First off, I just want to say it was SO AMAZING!

According to Cookinglight, ramen is “a Japanese noodle soup dish, with Chinese-style wheat or egg noodles served in a very rich broth along with cooked sliced pork, fresh scallions, and a maybe slightly-more-than-soft-boiled egg.” It is a very popular dish in Japan. How did this unbelievable event arise you ask? It was just another day in the Japanese Plus Program. During this meeting, our class was extremely busy preparing for our booth at the Sakura Matsuri (Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival). Out of nowhere, Ms. Schwartz announced that as a reward for our hard work and dedication to our booth, she would treat us to Ramen. I was so excited!!! I had never had traditional ramen that was actually prepared in a restaurant. I could not wait.

At the end of the class, we waited enthusiastically to leave. It was a long walk, but once we arrived and ate, it was definitely worth it! Since I wasn’t able to eat meat during the time of our visit to the restaurant, I chose a vegetarian ramen bowl that contained corn, seaweed, carrots, mushrooms, and a few other vegetables. Some of my classmates chose the Korean inspired ramen dishes with kimchi, eggs, and beef bulgogi. The aromatic scent of juicy steak made me have a negative expectation of what my ramen would taste like. But boy was I wrong. It was amazing! After having ramen on that day, I will forever look forward to my next bowl of ramen. I am so thankful to Ms. Schwartz and the other coordinators that made this amazing trip possible.

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