Okayama University

By Jeff Jenkins

Okayama University was introduced to me by Takayuki Yoshioka, Associate Professor of Philanthropy, Social Innovation and the DISCOVERY Program for Global Learners. He explained to us the origins of the University and the kind of environment that the college is in, which is in Tsushima-Naka in the Okayama prefecture, located in the center of West Japan. Okayama is an agriculture rich area specializing in fruit products, like Muscat grapes and white peaches. Additionally, Okayama is known for its educational history, cultural achievements and marine life.

During the presentation, Yoshioka-san told us about a program called DISCOVERY that’ll be starting very soon at the University. The DISCOVERY program is meant to bring international students to Japan in hopes of turning them into global leaders for society, through the various classes available, such as Environment and Health, Migration and Communities, Environmental Chemical Engineering and Social Innovation. Also, the classes can be taken in full English if you wish. However, it is encouraged to take Japanese as well, because it will allow you to communicate with the locals and develop a better understanding for the culture.

The University is open to accepting international students even if their GPA’s aren’t a 4.0 or their SAT scores aren’t the best. Just being able to give people the chance to chase after their dreams, even if they aren’t the best academically, is an extremely good trait for any university. It has been proven that not all successful people are geniuses! The DISCOVERY program also gives full scholarships to international students looking to study abroad in Japan, so you don’t have to worry about any big financial barriers hindering you.

My final thoughts on Okayama University is that the college is very welcoming and surrounded by a vast wealth of history and culture. I do hope to apply for the college ASAP so that I can personally experience the life of college in Japan! Well then, I hope this blog sparked your interest in Japanese universities!

Jya ne!

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