Visiting the Yayoi Kusama exhibit with Japanese+

By Thalia Garcia

On February 11th, 2023 I and the Japanese class went to the Hirshhorn Museum in DC to visit the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. We were all excited to see the wonderful artwork and go through the interactive art pieces. I think everyone was excited to go through the “one with eternity” floating ball pits. A lot of the students had “omg” reactions, the colors were vivid and were something out of the ordinary. Kusama’s artwork was amazing to look at but the background of her work and the deeper meaning of her work had a bigger impact and made you understand how she is as a person and how her work reflects that way. Going to see the exhibit with a group of people is a good experience but I would recommend going alone because you could take your time to read the captions of each art piece. The exhibit will last until July 16th 2023!

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