Dara’s Reflection

By Dara Lira

When my mom first called me over to her computer claiming there was a great opportunity for me, I began to wonder what she found. As it turned out, there was a program called Japanese Tamago – a course in which students could learn the Japanese language and culture. Recently, I became a consumer of popular Japanese media such as anime, manga, and Jpop. Out of curiosity, I decided to apply for the program to see what it was like, as I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. However, throughout my year in Japanese Tamago, I can say with confidence that this course was worth it. I learned the Japanese language, culture, history, geography, and I had the opportunity to listen to amazing speakers from a variety of backgrounds. Personally, my favorite part was learning about the different prefectures such as Hiroshima or Okinawa. Although I have to say, Osaka was my favorite. Japanese Tamago has enriched my life by giving me a new perspective on things as minor as entering a guest’s house. Furthermore, I now understand all the hard work and dedication of those learning a new language, as I found it to be a difficult but rewarding process. I am so thankful I was a part of this remarkable program, and I hope others join in the future. 

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