Chamiya’s Reflection

By Chamiya Carnathan

At first, I got interested in learning Japanese because of anime but when I joined the Japanese Tamago program, I learned so many cultural aspects of Japan that I didn’t know of. I want to continue learning cultural aspects of Japan and the language in the future and I hope to do so with Globalize DC. The most difficult part of staying in the program was attending the meetings. At times, I had to miss a few meetings due to personal problems, but nonetheless, I was able to overcome those challenges. My favorite part of the program were the Sunday meetings when we learned Hiragana and Katakana. The Sunday meetings were my favorite part because I was excited to read and write in Japanese. The day that I learned how to write my name in Japanese was my favorite day that I spent in the Japanese program. At first, learning Japanese was a hobby for me but now, I might want to have a job that includes aspects of Japan in the future. Even if I don’t have a job that includes aspects of Japan, I would still want to continue learning the language. Overall, I am happy that I attended the Japanese Tamago program.

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