First Educate Myself

By Camila Marryshow

As a D.C. resident and Japanese Tamago student, I believe it is necessary to participate in supporting Asians and Asian Americans within my community through self-education and the education of others. Since I am learning the Japanese language, it is crucial that I support Japanese people, not just the language, and the first step that I need to take is by educating myself before I can take action in supporting any group; It is more effective to vocalize an injustice and know the reasoning behind it rather than blindly yelling for change. This will 1) demonstrate that I care enough to research the issues that affect a community rather than taking a shortcut and 2) prepare me for questions from others who would like to know more about current issues affecting a community. Additionally, as a non-Asian minority, I am responsible along with other minorities to collectively and actively support and advocate for the safety and civil treatment of Asians, especially within our local communities. By starting with the basics, I along with other Washingtonians and Americans will be able to generate lasting, positive change for Asian and Asian American communities.

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