Getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics

By Jonah Nguyen

When the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC)  came to our Japanese class and gave a presentation on the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we were so excited! It was a very interactive experience for the students, as we were tested on our knowledge on history and culture from Japan. During the whole experience we weren’t only tested but were also enlightened with new knowledge, and learned new things that were more specific to the Tokyo Olympics, like the 100% recycled metals that were turned into the award medals in the award ceremonies. Then we did origami, learning how to make paper medals, in theme with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This was a super enjoyable experience for me and my classmates, we had so much fun!

I have had past experiences with the JICC, and each time interacting with the organization I had so much fun and learned so much. I am super glad to have been able to meet and have these experiences with the JICC. All were memorable, enlightening, and so fun. I hope to see them again.

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