Jonah’s Final Reflection

By Jonah Nguyen-Conyers

With Japanese Plus there have been so many opportunities that came my way and it really showed that many people want to aid me in my journey in being the best global citizen I can be. These opportunities that were given to me really aided in my outlook on life, and allowed me to see a future for myself that falls within my interests. Back when I was in Japan in DC, I was not initially interested in Japanese culture and globalization in general, as I am now, but that has changed for the best and has opened one door after another, while all at the same time really pulling me into the entirety of Japan and its culture.

During Japan in DC I was able to meet many amazing people who had connections to Japan, who were able to share its greatness, always pulling me into the next group discussion, the next outing, and much more. Me showing my interest in Japan during the program, I was able to continue my exploration of Japan and its culture, like the Blue Star of Life event, going to Japan, and then being admitted to this amazing Japanese language class. With this language class I have seen so many doors open for me and it really instilled the idea of people wanting to make opportunities for me and aid me in my future. Through this class I have been able to have so many opportunities to speak with Japanese people and have native people share what Japan really is, I have also been able to speak with colleges that want to provide further educational opportunities for my language learning, and bring the world together.

In all, this program shared the importance of globalization, and the ways the world is connected, and my place within it.

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