Tomodachi Means Friend

By Chetachukwu Obiwuma

I’ve never really been someone who thinks that school relationships can exist outside of school. It’s just for me, I don’t truly see how people can interact with each other outside of school. It is small-minded of me to say that but I have become accustomed to schedules that don’t involve things like hanging out with friends.

However, at the Sakura Matsuri, friends were what made it the most memorable. I invited some of my school friends to the festival since I was working a booth, but I didn’t really expect them to interact with me at all. I was shocked when they told me that they were waiting by my booth. It was fun to watch them attempt to draw for our community quilt.

After meeting up, we roamed the anime section of the festival. I bought a button and my friend bought the opposite of me. Food was shared and even when I had to get back to my shift, they waited for me and we all went home together.

Also, at the booth, my Japanese class friends made it more lively. Joking while trying to draw the crowd in with our cute mascot. All in all, for my first festival experience, I loved it.

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