Sackler Museum Visit

Asa Marshall

On Saturday December 15th, the class went on a trip to tour the modern Japanese art at the Sackler Museum. The artwork that got my attention was The Pond at Benten Shrine in Shiba. It was from the Showa Era made in 1929 by Kawase Hasui. I felt really drawn to this painting and I really loved how it looked. To me it seemed beautiful in the sense that it captured the beauty of nature and the elegance of traditional Japanese fashion, which I loved the most. For me, the colors had a very neutral tone which I loved and was perfectly accented by the dusty pinks of the flowers.

The trip overall was super fun and informative. It really helped me further visualize Japanese culture through their art history and progression. It was really exciting to see the different styles and imagine what the meanings were behind the strokes or color choice. I never went to the Sackler before and I know I want to go back really soon!

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