Facebook group and learning katakana

By Gabe Mogzec

Ever since the start of the program this year, we have all been a part of the private Facebook group for the class. Since then, it’s been used for many different things. The most useful part of the group is that we can get updates about any upcoming events that are happening, or even just updates about the next class. Another great feature about the group is that anyone can upload to it. Photos, articles, and videos can all be shared by anyone. It does make it feel like a small community sometimes. Every week a couple articles are posted, varying from world events that involve Japan, or just lists of little known facts, both of which are interesting to read.

Lucca has uploaded a custom quizlet that has been a huge factor in helping me, and probably many others study their katakana. Learning katakana has been a very unique experience for me. When I was learning French, we used the Latin alphabet, but now I am learning a new alphabet that I have no previous knowledge of. Not only that, but I will have to learn 3 different alphabets if I want to be fluent in reading and writing. I wouldn’t say katakana is easy, but with enough drive and focus, I have been able to adapt to it. So far, I have really enjoyed being part of Japanese Plus, and I’m very excited to continue it.

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