Womenomics? Good or Bad?

By Chi Onyeka

Womenomics was established and coined by Emperor Shinzo Abe to help get Japan’s female population more into working. However, problems that women experience while working, especially in an area with a mostly male connotation, are unequal pay and harassment. This is part of the reasons some Japanese citizens are saying that womenomics isn’t exactly helpful.

For me as a female, of course, I’m in agreement with women in the workforce. Japan is a very egalitarian country, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that after some women give birth, they leave their jobs and become a stay at home mom. It’s not exactly mind boggling to me because history tells us that women haven’t even been in the workforce until the modern period (1750-1900), which is pretty late, considering how long humans have been around. I’m very appreciative that women are taking a stance in the economy worldwide, but it was a little surprising to me to find out that women after childbirth serve their traditional roles as wives.


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