US and Japan gun laws

By Raven Bluford

About two weeks ago, we read articles that discussed the relationship between the United States and Japan in relation to President Trump. The article that I really enjoyed reading the most was the article about the shooting in Texas and how the number shot was much bigger than the amount of shootings that occurred in Japan within the past five years. The article really went into detail about the difference between the United States and Japan’s gun laws. It even went as far as to criticize American gun laws by making the assertion that getting a gun in America is as easy as getting chopsticks in Japan. Although the author of the article heavily critiques the United States, it doesn’t take away the fact that it makes a great point about the U.S. needing to look at the way that Japan does its laws and why their way is successful. I hope in the future our government reconsiders our current gun laws to hopefully prevent another tragic mass murder.

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