The Meaning of Cherry Blossoms

By Shawma Brown

I never really cared for cherry blossoms, they were just trees I walked past everyday on my way to school. I always thought they were lovely, but I didn’t care for them because I had no idea what they symbolized. It was until I saw a film, The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, that made me care for Cherry Blossoms and what they stand for.

The film showed what cherry blossom trees meant to the Japanese. The tsunami that happen in Japan on March 11, 2011 was very devastating. Many people died, went missing, were injured, and lost their homes. After the tsunami happened the Japanese were crushed. It was the cherry blossoms that gave them hope. A cherry blossom lasts for a short period of time then falls off the tree. I think cherry blossoms symbolize that life is beautiful but short. Ever since I knew what cherry blossoms symbolize I haven’t taken them for granted. I always stop when I see a cherry blossom tree and admire their beauty.

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