Satoshi Fujimura Presentation

By Skyy Genies

During our Wednesday, March 22, 2017 meeting, our class had the opportunity to receive presentations from a panel of people who work in relations with Japan or work to expand the knowledge of Japan nationwide. One of the panelists was Satoshi Fujimura. During their presentations the panelists were asked to speak about their job and the steps they took to get to where they are. Satoshi Fujimura’s presentation resonated with me the most because he started his academic and career journey with an interest in Chemistry like me.

The most intriguing part of his presentation was his role change. He spoke about how he worked at Sony in many different positions. Then he “changed his role again” to Mistletoe Inc. I found his presentation very inspirational because it showed me that life isn’t a guaranteed thing. You may or may not have an exact plan of where you think your life is going to go; but his presentation showed me that it’s not certain. He also showed me that I should not be afraid to change my path if that’s where my heart leads me, because after his whole journey, he ended up in a place that he is comfortable and content with. Always follow your heart.

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