Sakuramen review

By Talia Zitner

Sakuramen is perfect for anyone looking for authentic Japanese flavor with a local twist. Four o’clock on a Friday afternoon is a great time to stop by the small restaurant in Adams Morgan. It was practically empty when we arrived, and the service was friendly and efficient. There was a really fun playlist going in the background (that even the staff was jamming out to). I ordered the DC miso, which was with chashu, menma, green onion, cheese, naruto, and nori. The ramen noodles themselves were thick and curly (make sure you have lots of practice with chopsticks!) and the broth had a chicken stock and miso base. Overall the ramen was delicious, or “Oishī” in Japanese! Each bowl goes for around $12-13, which is the typical going rate for the DMV, and it’s definitely worth it.

Sakuramen is accessible by the Adams Morgan/National Zoo metro stop, and is just a short walk over the bridge. Grab some friends and some ramen and enjoy!


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