How to make your own Matcha tea

By Talia Zitner

After watching the Japanese exchange students show us the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, I decided to recreate it in my own kitchen. Using the tea cup the students gave to us as a gift and Matcha powder from Japan, I set to work trying to replicate the unique flavor of the tea.

Step 1: Set up your tea and powder. Matcha is is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.


Step 2: Boil your water and pour the powder into the teacup.


Step 3: Pour in water and whisk with fork or other utensil (unlike other tea, instead of steeping the powder. is dissolved by mixing!)

matcha3                matcha4

Step 4: Once tea is dissolved, hold in left palm and rotate clockwise twice in order to admire the design on the cup!

matcha5                 matcha6

Step 5: Enjoy!


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