Charming in Yukatas

By Layana Turner

At the end of January students from Shikoku University came to visit and gave us presentations/performance of different famous Japanese activities. It was like a cultural immersion day!

While the students were setting up their tables I spotted a long Maroon Robe with pink and purple flowers littered on it. My attention was snatched from whatever I was doing before (I still can’t remember) and my sole goal was making sure that my friends and I got to that table as soon as possible.

When I arrived a very nice student named Yayoi Osugi told me that I would look best if I tried on the Maroon “Yukata.” Little did she know I’d been eyeing it ever since it was sat on that table. She asked me if that was okay and I said yes, maybe a little bit too quickly but she seemed happy about my excitement so I wasn’t too embarrassed. Yayoi helped me into the yukata along with some really pretty accessories. I really love kimonos and yukatas so I felt as if I had checked something off of my list of things to try. Yayoi then asked if we could take some pictures together, so I proceeded to take many pictures with her and all of the other students. After, she asked if there was a way for me to contact her, so we exchanged information and I said goodbye as I moved to the next station.

I feel very grateful that I am able to participate in things like this and I will make sure that this experience isn’t wasted by keeping in contact with Yayoi.


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