Our First Open House!

By Charity Chukwu

After the first few weeks of studying katakana, practicing our conversational skills, and learning about Japanese culture, we felt that it was about time to show off what we had gained to the public in our first Japanese Plus open house, and what better way to show what we’ve been learning than through acting!

About two weeks prior to the showcase, the class split up into groups, each writing their own skit that they would perform. At least half of the dialogue had to use Japanese vocabulary from class and the script had to be memorized. Plot for each script varied from a family dinner to a bank robbery, but all were very entertaining. You could tell a lot of time was put into making the event the best possible.

We invited friends and family to ask questions and comment about the program. Our audience was very impressed and applauded as we bowed at the end of our presentations. Personally, I think the whole thing was a success, and with all of the things we’ve learned in the few months since then, I really want to do more in the future.

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