Zitlaly Hernandez

School: E.L. Haynes PCS

Grade: 11

Zodiac sign: Libra/Year of the Rooster

An issue I care about: A worldwide issue that I care about is Abortion Rights. I care about abortion rights because no one has the rights to decide what women can do with their bodies. The amount of unsafe abortions that take place each year is 25 million. If we were to take away the right to have an abortion, this number will increase. Shouldn’t our goal be to decrease it by giving women access to safe abortions; and not in a manner were it can lead to death and severe permanent injuries. #PROCHOICE

Hobbies/activities: Reading, drawing/sketching, soccer, volleyball, learning languages, singing, listening to music, watching shows/movies

I was asked what I wanted to do or achieve in life… but there are too many things I want to do. Like…traveling, traveling has always been something I want to achieve in my future; also I might have traveling as a part of my career. For example, I want to teach English in Korea or Japan. I want to be able to interpret American Sign Language in the United States. Most of all, I want to get certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and also learn my CDA (Child Development Associates) to be able to tutor/take care of kids who come from Japan or Korea to teach them English. I also may want to become a sports (athlete) manager for international athletes. I have realized in my Junior year of high school that I have a lot of interests that I want to at least study or look into at least once. 

What I want from this program: I want to be able to learn about Japan’s culture and language, and how they differ from the U.S. . . . In addition to help me grow as a person, and help me get better at taking opportunities . . . without doubting if I made the right decision. Something else I want to get from the program is experiencing and entering a world where I’ll be able to connect with Japan and its culture on another level. I think this program will inspire me to continue learning about Japan and its language, also other languages as well.