Tristan Lam

School: Washington Latin PCS

Grade: 10

Star sign: Virgo/Year of the Pig (I don’t believe in astrology)

Favorite food: Char siu bao

An issue I care about: Geopolitics. I got into geopolitics while listening to the radio of my father’s car. It was about South Sudan. The reason why it struck me was that I was at the time reading a book about South Sudan and how they were marginalized. I also learned a bit about Israel at the time, because I was learning about WWII in school. but the reason I got into it was because I believe that geopolitics helps everyone learn a bit about human nature.

Hobbies/Interests: I like learning languages, because in my opinion learning other languages helps you think more critically and helps to understand and is part of my identity, as I have been learning since infancy. I also like swimming, because I have been competitively swimming for 5 years (8-13). Unfortunately, due to covid, I stopped and haven’t gotten back in. I like to travel as well, because I have a lot of family outside of the United States. I like to play music (piano, guitar, saxophone) because I find it fun. The same goes for video games.

Aspirations: My goals in life are to be a polyglot (knowing five or more languages) and to be a scientist or engineer (particularly in chemistry, biology, computers) and to travel the world.

Expectations for this program: Aside from learning how to speak, write, understand and read the Japanese language and to understand the culture of Japan. I would like to learn how language, art and culture are intertwined and how it might affect the way that people think. Also, I would like to learn about the human geography of Japan and how certain traditions were made.