Thalia Garcia Hernandez

School: Capital City Public Charter School (I’ve been going there since 1st grade.)

Grade: I am in 10th grade and this year I’m getting ready for SATs and my senior year portfolio presentation.

Zodiac sign: I am a Libra. I was born on September 25, 2007, and my birth year is the year of the pig I just turned 15 which is a big deal in Hispanic culture because it means you’re getting ready for womanhood. 

What I care about: I have many issues I care about. Some are “Food for All” (providing food for everyone) and “Mi familia vota,” where immigrants in the states are able to vote, but most importantly I care about affordable feminine hygiene products for all.

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball. I’ve been playing since 5th grade. I am also in STEM and enjoy visiting museums to take pictures. 

Favorite foods: I love to eat. My favorite foods are tacos, pupusas, and topoi. I think that my food taste is very diverse. I  grew up eating and trying different foods. I enjoy food that has rice, pork, and cheese. I think my favorite snacks are spicy chips or sweet treats like cake pops but I’m terrible at cooking and baking.  

Aspirations: After high school, I am hoping to study abroad in Asia or Europe and I want to major in STEM or engineering/ coding.

What I want from this program: I want to be able to speak three languages and travel to Japan to communicate with others. I want to be able to travel and study abroad to gain independence. I also want to be able to help others.