Talia Zitner

talia-profileSchool: Woodrow Wilson Senior High School

Grade: 10

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Year of the Dragon

About me:

My hobbies include (but are not limited to) taking tons of pictures of my cat, craning my neck to see in crowds/movie theaters/ classrooms/anywhere, coming up with new ideas for my science column, searching for the BEST ramen in DC, getting lost on the Metro, making groovy Spotify playlists, googling easy guitar chords, and dragging my friends on hikes through Rock Creek Park. My greatest accomplishment was probably reaching five feet (and one inch) in height!

Words to live by: “The future is unwritten.”- Joe Strummer

Personal Statement:

I applied for Japanese Plus because it is an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in in culture and language. Being a global citizen is very important to me, and Japanese Plus has allowed to me to gain access to an entirely different world that I would have limited interaction with otherwise. What I like about this program is that it’s a very inclusive and encouraging atmosphere, and it’s very reassuring to know that everyone is starting at the same place with the language. It’s very evident that all the students are passionate and driven to learn about Japan and Japanese. Learning a new language has been a very welcome challenge for me, and I’ve greatly benefited from the support of my peers and teacher. Both the students and teacher are always willing to help and push me to try my hardest and to not give up.

Other social media: Catch me on instagram, @yagirltal