Shoko Hamano

Professor Shoko Hamano has taught Japanese to university students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Harvard University, and George Washington University. She has also taught elementary school children at Alexander D. Henderson University School in Florida. Her publications include Nihongo no Onomatope: Onshoochoo to koozoo [Japanese sound symbolism and its structure] (Kurosio 2014), The Sound-Symbolic System of Japanese (CSLI, 1998); “Voicing of Obstruents in Old Japanese” in the Journal of East Asian Linguistics (2000); Making Sense of Japanese Grammar (University of Hawaii Press, 2002), Basic Japanese: A Grammar and Workbook (Routledge, 2010), and Intermediate Japanese: A Grammar and Workbook (Routledge, 2012). She wrote the last two books with Professor Takae Tsujioka, who is team-teaching SY22-23 Japanese Plus with her.