Margarita Muñoz-Salazar

School: D.C. International School

Grade: 10

Zodiac sign: Scorpio/Year of the Dog

Favorite food: Pupusas and ramen

An issue I care about: A personal issue I really care about is immigration because it personally affects me and my family. Also because I see it becoming way too political and not being taken as seriously because of that. Currently I am doing a different program where I am advocating for a solution to this issue.

Interests/hobbies: I like to draw and paint in my free time, but I mostly draw flowers or buildings. Sometimes I bake for family and friends. I really like watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop. Related to Japan, I like watching anime and reading manga.

Aspirations: I have two different goals which are studying architecture or computer programming. In addition I would also like to travel to different countries in East Asia.

What I want from the program: I really enjoy learning new languages so this is a perfect program for me. From this program I want to be able to speak Japanese almost fluently and be able to say “I know a third language.” I also want to know more about Japanese culture as I have always had an interest in it because it is something completely different to what I know.