Kori Johnson

School: Calvin Coolidge

Grade: 10th

Zodiac Sign: I’m an Aries and in Japan, I’m a Boar (いのしし) inoshishi

Favorite Food: Korean Cheese Potato Pancakes 

An issue that matters to me: How people view those with autism, or those who are non verbal.

Interests/hobbies: I have participated in the National Cherry Blossom Festival for three years as an artist. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, as well as cosplaying, watching anime, reading manga, culinary arts, and coming up with concepts in an effort to make them come to life. So everyone can see that you can still provide a touch of color even at the darkest of times.

Aspirations: I desire to broaden my artistic horizons by studying in Japan. I would adore the opportunity to learn more about Japanese history and culture. Since I was eleven years old, I’ve wanted to be an animator so I could make my own anime.

What I want to get out of Japanese Plus: If I ever went to work in Japan, it would be beneficial for me to learn Japanese fluently rather than relying just on Google Translate.