Jenny Jimenez


Name:  Jennyfer Jimenez

School:  School Without Walls SHS

Grade:  12 (Class of 2017!!)

Zodiac Sign:  Aries, Year of the Rabbit

About me:

I enjoy traveling to foreign countries! I had the opportunity to study abroad during the summer of 2016 in Belgium as part of the DCPS Study Abroad Program and I fell in love with traveling! I am fond of communicating with others in order to practice my language skills because I am multilingual! My background has allowed me to learn Spanish, and in school I picked up English and French, currently I am learning Japanese and hope to learn many more! I also work with Youth For Understanding as part of the Campus Ambassador Program in which I am a part of the social media team and help recruit students for studying abroad experiences! During my free time I like to play volleyball with friends, practice my photography skills, play with my turtle or listen to some music!

Personal Statement:

One of my favorite quotes comes from a song and it says “I will be chasing the starlight, until the end of my life.” This quote is significant to me because it motivates me to chase after the passions that I have. Before I knew about the program, I found myself listening to Japanese music, anime and watching videos about people living in Japan. The moment I learned about the Japanese plus program, I immediately applied because I wanted to continue my passion for learning languages and about foreign cultures. This quote represents the decisions that I make in my life and is very meaningful to me because of the motivating me to create a multicultural milieu for myself and it inspires me to go after my dreams.

If anyone would like to contact me, my email is