Jennifer Pineda

School: DC International

Grade: 10 

Zodiac Sign: Libra/Year of Dog 

Favorite Food: mochi, alfredo pasta and pizza 

An issue (or issues) that matter to me: LGBTQ rights and equality

Interests/hobbies: I’m a very open minded person. I liked to try and get to know many people. I like to try new things not just in food but also in activities. My interests are reading comic books, playing video games, I enjoy playing a lot of horror video games. I like watching different kinds of tv shows of different genres like soap opera, comedy, real life and romance. I also enjoy cooking different kinds of recipes. The ones I’ve made so far are flan, mochi, chicken cajun pasta, and pumpkin pie. I also love building Legos. I enjoy taking my time building something and creating something beautiful. I also like to do art in my free time. I like to paint and sketch and draw different things. I do many different forms of art and mediums. I have done sculpting, acrylic painting, oil painting, digital drawing, collages, and many more. 

Aspirations:  I would like to be able to cook many dishes from different parts of the world. I would also like to graduate from college, which I’d prefer to be in Japan. I’d also like to travel to Japan and visit their Legoland there and I heard they have a Hello Kitty theme park. I’d also like to visit their Cup Noodle museum. I also would try to be fluent or understand Japanese. I’d hope to have a career somewhere in the field of making art.