Jennifer Gonzalez

School: Coolidge High school

Grade: 11th 

Zodiac Sign: I’m an Aries in the US zodiac and in Japan, I’m a dog!

Favorite Food: I Love sushi, ramen, and Korean rice cakes! 

What I care about:  I care about the people around me, my family, how I deal with certain problems, and how to maintain my balanced life. Issues that matter to me are equality, BLM, immigrants and abortions.

Interests/hobbies: My interests are learning and mastering the Japanese language. Hobbies are going skating, going out to the malls, and traveling out to different places. My interests are coming into a criminology college and learn how to detect crimes and just solving them too. I’m also interested in becoming a judge. I just love everything about judging and criminology. 

Aspirations: My hopes and aspirations are to move out of the country and live in Japan to live a better and calming life, to work and to get out of my comfort zone, to explore and talk to more people as well. I also aspire to have a career in criminology or law enforcement or anything related.

Personal statement:  I’m doing Japanese Plus because I’ve always wanted to know how to learn the language and the culture. What I want to get out of it is to speak Japanese fluently, to understand people, to go to a good college/university in the future so I can get a good job once i move to Japan