Jahshawn Wimberly

Grade: 11th

Zodiac Sign: I’m a proud Leo!/Year of the ___


An issue or issues I care deeply about: ___

Hobbies/Interests: I love fictional novels wrapped around the concept of hardcore fantasy, especially those that have the narrative of supernatural beings, or even just animals. I love stories that have relatable protagonists, even in a world that’s far different from my own. I play the piano and am currently learning Drums. I’m focusing on two songs, one being Great Fairy Fountain, second being Michael Myers Theme for Halloween! And I’m a huge fan of video games, I’ve played over hundreds of games throughout my life time, from battle royals to beautiful story-driven series to tedious souls games like Bloodborne.

Aspirations: I am striving to become a Veterinarian and/or a prosthetics developer for any and all animals. I want to be able to care and shelter animals and provide for them so they can live.

Expectations of the program: I want to be able to expand what little information I have on Japanese culture, and experience all the learning opportunities I can take from Japanese culture. I expect exposure to all things Japanese and to get a well in-depth understanding of their culture and hopefully learn how to better myself with this information provided by this program.