Elias Lovos

School: E.L. Haynes High School

Zodiac sign: Pisces/Year of the Dog (inu)

Grade: 11

Favorite food: Bacon

An issue I care deeply about: Parents abandoning their children/child somewhere unknown.

Hobbies/Activities: I like to play games. I also like to play the drums and recently I’ve been playing small songs like Great Fairy’s Foundation on the piano from Zelda but I’m not that great. I like to listen to music as well. Specifically, rock music or Japanese music or original sound tracks from videos games I’ve played that’re very chill. I also like to draw, though I’m not very good at it. and I’m thinking about picking up the bass playing a few tunes I think sound awesome.

Aspirations: I don’t know entirely what I want to do but I know that I mainly want a stable job, a place to live and to feed myself. Maybe something involving art or music because they’re topics I enjoy in my free time like being a drummer for a band or becoming an artist who does commissions for people.

My goals for Japanese Plus: I want to be able to speak and memorize Japanese to the point that I can have conversation with people. As well as learning how to read and write so that if I wanted my life of Japanese to be more serious, I know where to start.