D’Amonie Armstrong

Personal Pronouns: she/her/they

School: E. L. Haynes

Grade: 11

Zodiac Sign: Libra/Year of the Dog

Favorite foods: pasta and chicken

Issues I care about: (the) education (system), especially for women; poverty; increase in homelessness; racism/xenophobia/sexism; human trafficking,

Interests and hobbies: singing and learning choreographed dances, listening to music, learning languages, math, and traveling. Sometimes when I am feeling creative I enjoy painting, trying/learning new things, such as food, experiences, etc.

Aspirations: I aspire to pursue a career in teaching, whether it’s going to a country or countries to teach a language, such as English, Spanish, etc. or teaching math. If I couldn’t teach, I’d love to pursue performing arts, as I enjoy singing and I can act a bit. Beat production and producing can be fun too. Altogether, I just want to be a role model for any, use my voice to raise awareness and amplify small voices.

Personal statement: From the program, I would like to gain an understanding of Japan and Japanese culture as a whole. I also would love to communicate with everyone so learning Japanese and engaging is a step closer to knowing and understanding everyone.